To start with, India is a great nation. Since India has a vast population, it has an incredible amount of Human Resource available in the country. This Human Resource creates tremendous amount of Energy.The new term coined for this energy created by Human Resource is ‘HR Energy’. The magnitude is tremendous and is comparable to nuclear energy. Similar to nuclear energy, it can be used both for positive purposes or if gone in wrong hands can bemisused for negative or destructive purposes.

Positive and Negative HR Energy.

The positive HR energy powers the nation. It attracts foreign investments, export services, export HR talent, creates national sustenance and moves the national machinery.It gives us a standing in the progressive and peaceful world. On the other hand, the negative HR energy generated by the some of our people dampens the growth of the country. It nullify all the good effort. This, negative affect arise due to many factors, some of them we are familiar with like corruption etc. Some of the problems are just not discussed, since they are not yet glaring enough to invite discussion on main stream media. Issues like internal security situation, rise of naxalism, movements by separatists; are on rise. What an agony of our country that we have to deploy para military forces within our country to curb anti national activities. These activities are carried out by anti-national agencies/ organisation who may have their own meaningful agenda on mind. The activities may be self-funded or supported. But the problem is that, it is executed by our very own Indians, who are poor, deprived, left behind, uneducated, unemployed and cut off from main India. When 70 % of our population lives in villages under such conditions, how difficult it is for an anti-national force to misguide him. This misguided youth, who could have otherwise added towards overall positive HR energy of country has now added to the negative HR energy and is working towards pulling the country down. This has actually nullify the good effort done by you and me towards the growth of country. Our tax money if spent to raise para military force to eliminate them is aloss. Our tax money, if not spent to eliminate them will have even worse affects.

Remedial actions under way.

It will be wrong to say that government is not working to improve the situation. There are large numbers of plans. It includes controlling/ eliminating the anti-national agencies by use of law enforcement mechanisms. It has worked towards addressing basic needs of these deprived sections of society in vulnerable areas which are slightly away from the main land. Government has plans for their food security, accommodation, medical facility, education, employment, awareness activities. So far so good, everything is happening in the right direction. But there is a problem. The problem is ‘Time Differential’.

Time Differential

The fire in the house is spreading faster than number of water buckets poured to put it off. We the resident of house should not leave everything to the government and remain busy in our lives so much that we smell the thing when our room in the house is already ablaze.Please read / watch videos about ‘Red Corridor in India, to understand what is being talked about. Any person who is poor, deprived is vulnerable and can be misguided. We need to be proactive and support the government efforts in accelerating the process. Little bit additional effort by us as individual person will produce an overall synergised effect. This can remove/ reduce the time differential. The country’s human resource which due to lack of guidance, education could have added to a negative HR energy will be prevented and can contribute constructively towards positive HR energy.

What all can be done

There are large number of areas where work is required to be done to eliminate the problem completely. It includes assistance in education, employment, medical, basic amenities etc. However, education and employment are the main and most important areas to work. Education takes the top most priority because an education alone can remove various types of economic and social problems.Once a child has reached inside the confines of a school, under the guidance of a teacher, follow a structured and systematic education will develop intelligence where he/she can differentiate between right and wrong; good and bad. This child when grown up will not only question every argument thrown at him/ her to misguide him/her, but also, will himself become a deterrence to any such thing happening in his surroundings. He will get educated, get employment accordingly and work constructively towards overall progress of the country. He will grow up to be a responsible citizen and add on to the positive HR energy of India. We just need to ensure that the children remains in the confines of school and are not drop out from the school due to financial reasons.

Why India Mentors

India Mentors is an initiative, a platform created to address a small but important part of the big problem. We believe in the quote by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”Its an attempt to ensure that no child is a school drop out, because school drop outs due to financial reasons are most vulnerable human resource which can be misguided. Moreover, uneducated youth will always be the weakest link in the chain which is pulling India upwards towards prosperity. India Mentors is a direct link between the educated, progressive ‘Urban India’ and deprived ‘Rural Bharat’.It is a platform where aware citizens, citizens concerned with progress of country extend a helping hand to the innocent, poor, children of the deprived sections

Area of work for India mentors

As mentioned earlier, there are large number of areas where work is required to be done to eliminate the problem completely. However, India mentor community specifically attempts to address only one part of the problem, so that focus can be maintained and synergy can be achieved. India Mentors community works towards specific agenda that children from such area are going to schools and do not become school drop out due to financial reasons. The people who step ahead to sponsor the education of such poor students are not only their sponsors but are the mentors of these kids.

How does India Mentor works

India Mentors is not a NGO. With due respect, more than 38,000 NGOs registered for education in India are more than sufficient to bring the change. While many of them work towards the right cause, some of them have left no stone unturned to spoil the names of NGOs. Therefore, India Mentors decided to remain a community of people with a different working methodology. In a regular NGO one has to deposit money and believe that the NGO is utilising the money for the right cause. On a contrary, India Mentors does not involve in the money transaction. Instead, the details of the needy students and the details of the school are displayed on the website. Anyone who want to help a child may check the details of the children from the website and contact the school directly and pay the fees of the needy children. This is done to ensure transparency.

The bigger cause

Many people may not connect to the concept of helping the poor children from villages for the reasons cited above because there is hardly any awareness on the subject. However, one thing is commonly understood by all, is the bigger cause, which is the progressing India. If entire country is educated only then it can progress. Education removes all barriers of colour, caste, creed and economic disparities. 1.25 billion educated population will lead country towards brighter future.

The call to the people.

The majority of population in India is poor, especially in villages. There is a huge difference in knowing the word ‘poverty’ and ‘living in poverty’. Deprived children from 'Rural Bharat' needs little efforts of mentors from 'Urban India' to assist them in education. It needs people like you and me to become a mentor of one student who require little support to achieve basic education and guidance to broaden his horizons. Play your role in progressing INDIA.Make INDIA rise. Create a peaceful world.