India Mentors is an initiative to help village children whose parents could not afford their education.

Its 'Urban India' reaching out to help 'Rural Bharat'

The education of Indian village children ranges between Rs 200/- to Rs 400/- per month which is sometimes lesser than the cost of a movie ticket/ pizza/ KFC bucket.

Website indiamentors.in has got details of such needy children alongwith the details of their schools.

No, India Mentors does not collect any money it is only a platform where info of needy is displayed so that anyone who could not help out someone due to apprehensions of right use of his money can reach out directly to the affected person. India Mentor is not a mediator, its just the coordinator.

No, the parents are already poor. Family must be having other priorities like medicine, loan etc. It is unlikely that this money will be used to pay school fees.

Fees is paid directly into the school account of the child by the mentor. The school details, principal contact number and school account details are displayed on the website.

Principal will give the contact number of the parent to the mentor. In case parent does not have contact number, village sarpanch number will be given and communication between mentor and parent will be established.

You solved the major part of problem, once you ensured child is not dropped out of school due to lack of fees. Moreover, if mentor wishes, interaction between the mentor and the child may take place under parental guidance wherein mentor can actually work as a role model and guide to the child towards better future. School will provides the progress report to the mentor on regular basis.

The details of the mentor is updated on the website and the profile is made public so that this person can set example for others.

Yes, to an extent by saving children from becoming school dropout due to lack of fees and finally grow up as illiterate/ misguided youth of Nation.

Each mentor is an aware, motivated, patriotic citizen, a role model who has played his/her role towards progress of country. He/ she is not only mentoring a child (children) but he/she is mentoring India. We are proud of him/her.